15 Photos of People Accidentally Dressing Up Like Their Surroundings Will Crack You Up


You know how sometimes you dress to the nines for a particular formal event and then you notice that someone’s wearing entirely the same dress as you? Well what if that happened to you, but instead of another person, you perfectly matched with some of the things in your surroundings? Don’t get the picture yet? Here are 15 hilarious photos that will demonstrate to you what we mean:

1. This girl has found her new favorite couch:(cnlive.it)
2. And this guy has found a sofa match made in heaven!
3. This girl definitely has a lot of “Vitamins” in her:(clipmass.com)
4. When you’re cosplaying an iPhone case:(simooo.ru)

5. Plaid, plaid, plaid on EVERYTHING!(thepoke.co.uk)

6. There’s a girl sitting on that sofa. Don’t believe me? Look closely!(los40.com)

7. Also, you need to really zoom in, but there’s foot on that floor camouflaged by the sock:(humo.be)

8. Who wore it better, the teacher or the highlighter?


9. Cut from the same cloth:(ekloges.tv)

10. How on Earth did this even happen:(cnlive.it)

11. This girl has a nice taste for hotel decorations:(buzzfeed.com)

12. Nike has always had a thing for floor tile designs:(boredpanda.com)

13. Well, textile companies usually repurpose their wasted cloths:


14. If I wore this, I would’ve stormed off immediately. But she’s taking it in stride, obviously:


15. One of these bags is actually a human person. Can you tell it away from the others?(eavisa.com)

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