15 Habits To Develop To Be Finally Happy


They say that happiness is not a destination but a habit. And it really is. It’s not just your goals that will really make you happy in the end, but the habits and the decisions that you make daily that define what makes you content about life. So what are some of these habits that you should develop in you? Here are some of them:

1. Smile!

Research has shown that making yourself physically smile actually has a positive effect on your brain.

2. Hardwire your brain.

Savor your positive experiences. Whenever you experience something that made you happy, take 20 seconds to internalize that feeling.

3. Be mindful.

Mindfulness does in fact increase a person’s well-being, according to several studies. Living in the present really does make you happy.

4. Think happy.

People who actively try to be happy do achieve such happiness.

5. Be grateful.

Count your blessings! According to Emmons & McCullogh (2009), people with gratitude experience greater senses of well-being in their life.

6. Meditate.

Take time to relax your mind and your soul. Just sit down and take time to really feel the world around you, clearing your mind in the process.

7. Be altruistic.

In a world full of evil, good deeds are hard to come by. But to achieve happiness, being altruistic is definitely a way to go. You can volunteer for a cause or donate some of your money to worthy charities.

8. Forgive others

It’s hard to forgive others for their sins. But it’ll definitely make you feel lighter, as if a burden has been lifted from you.

9. Spend time with friends and family

This one should be a no-brainer. Having a bustling and meaningful social life is a must-have if you want to have a happy life. Humans are naturally social creatures.

10. Limit social media

Social media is a great tool to communicate, but sometimes excessive use will lead you to develop insecurity over what you see on other people’s feeds. Limiting your time on the Internet will not only help boost your mood but it will also force you to go outside, which is always great.

11. Experience stuff!

Instead of buying things to gratify yourself, why not buy experiences for yourself? That’s something that’s healthier and better for you in the long run.

12. Buy flowers for your house.

There is research that supports how people’s moods are improved vastly if they have flowers around the house!

13. Reduce your commute.

Commuting to work and to home is always an unpleasant activity. If you can find ways to trim the time of your travel, then do it!

14. Keep a journal.

It only takes a few minutes of your day to record the most significant portions of it, especially things that you’re grateful for during the day.

15. Sleep more.

This one’s a no-brainer too. Quality sleep has been found to really improve your mood during the day!

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