14 Photos Proving That You Should NEVER Leave Your Children Alone

"Hold up. It looks like I did it, but I honestly did not cause this... Okay?"


We all love our children but sometimes they’re too dangerous for their own good… Leave them alone and their creative and uninhibited minds will wander to places we’ll never even think of ourselves!

Here are 14 photos proving that if possible, you should always be with your children AT ALL TIMES…

1. Your Dalmatian originally came in black and white… Now it’s a rainbow!


2. You know what’s better than bath bubbles? A bath tub’s worth of bath bubbles…


3. Who needs money anyway when we can cutout Mao Zedong’s face from each and every one of them…


4. Puss ‘n Boots will suddenly become real, thanks to your child’s genius…


5. “Hold up. It looks like I did it, but I honestly did not cause this… Okay?”


6. I didn’t need to use the keyboard anyway…


7. Coma induced by sugar…


8. Who would ever think that socks would make great dog helmets? Only children would…


9. When you lose track of your toddler for two seconds…


10. We “like” you too, son…


11. This is my bath tub now!


12. Would you play teatime with me, Ms. Peppers?


13. This is where my only sibling BELONGS!


14. “I can explain what happened here, but I’d really rather not”…


H/T: boredpanda.com

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