14 Photos of Russian Subway That Are Too Beautiful For Words


Ever think what it’s like to live in Russia? Maybe these photos taken by Canadian photographer David Burdeny will give you a clue. For two weeks he was granted an exclusive pass to many of Moscow’s subway stations, and took the most beautiful photos ever. The stations were also made to be empty, adding to the majesty and simplicity of the collection.

The collection is entitled, “Russia, A Bright Future”. And judging from the photographs alone I would say that Russia’s future is indeed bright! Take a look:

1. At the Kiyevsskaya Station

2. Avtovo Metro Station in St. Petersburg looks like the inside of a castle:

3. Elektrozavodskaya Station has a modern feel:

4. The Taganskaya Metro Station, designed during Stalin’s era:

5. Komsomolskaya Metro Station, with their beautiful chandeliers:

6. Sokol Metro Station, inspired by the concept of “sveltloe budushchee” (a bright future).

7. Belorusskaya Station was designed to double as a shelter in case of a nuclear war:

8. Mayakovskaya Station has very beautiful lighting:

9. Aeroport Metro Station is over 80 years old:

10. Novoslobodskaya Metro Station is pretty much covered in gold:

11. Arbatskaya Metro Station is usually pretty busy, but for this photoshoot, it was shut down:

12. Kropotkinskaya Station with the very beautiful columns:

13. Another part of the Novoslobodskaya Metro Station, replete with Christian imagery:

14. Prospekt Mira Station’s ceiling is immaculate:


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