14 Attitudes That Block You From Finally Achieving Happiness


Sometimes the greatest enemy in our path towards happiness is ourselves. We possess attitudes, habits and traits that are very distracting and sometimes could even lead to self-destruction and ruin. For us to avoid or eliminate these attitudes, we have first to know them. Do you possess these negative traits that prevent you from achieving total bliss and contentment?

1. Lack of self love

The key to loving others is finding something to love about yourself first.

2. Complaining

Where your attention goes, energy flows, and where energy flows, something grows. So complaining will only turn to more and more complaints. Stop complaining and do something meaningful about your problems!

3. Blaming

People always blame other people, or circumstances, for things happening to them. Don’t let that be you!

4. Needing to Look Good

Don’t change yourself for anyone or anything. Be yourself! People will appreciate you better that way.

5. Poor Physical Habits

Your body is one true investment. Enrich it by exercising and eating nourishing food!

6. Being Fearful

Living within your comfort zone is not really living. Take risks for the things you’re truly passionate about!

7. Thinking You Have More Time

The reality is you’ll never know when you’ll be gone from the face of the planet. So make the most of everyday while you can!

8. Living Inside A Daydream

Dreaming about things we want to happen to us is good and all, but being stuck inside daydreams and not planning anything concrete to attain them is foolishness.

9. Holding onto the Past

You must finally realize that there are things you simply cannot change and that focusing your energy on these things will do nothing but harm. Focus on the present and look onward to the future.

10. Being a Perfectionist

Sometimes we have a vision of what we want to do, and this perfect vision could be crippling sometimes, especially if it prevents us from actually starting to do it.

11. Hanging Out With The Wrong People

There are friends who lift us up, and then there are those who want nothing but a good time. Choose to be a part of social circles that seek to improve themselves.

12. Striving to Meet Other People’s Expectations

To whom are you doing your work for? For you, right? So quit doing it to please other people. Not even your father, or mother, or friends and family. Do it because it makes you happy.

13. Doing Things Solely For Money

We would be dumb to suggest that you shouldn’t try to save up for your financial future… But to do things just so you can be rich, at the expense of your satisfaction and happiness is truly no way to go.

14. Being Close Minded

Most of us have a set of closely-held beliefs that be very hard to challenge… But sometimes you will have to face the reality that not all your beliefs run in congruence with the facts. So keep an open mind and accept when to change your principles.

(H/T: thedailypositive.com)

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