12 Photos Prove How Amputees Are The Most Hilarious People Ever


Make no mistake – amputees still experience a different kind of life than most human beings do, but that doesn’t mean they can’t have fun along the way. In fact, they sometimes revel in their condition and make fun of it too! Here are 12 photos that will prove exactly just that:

1. Oh noooo! My artificial detachable foot is being eaten by a shark made out of snow:


2. When you’re an amputee, there’s no limit to the amount of pranking you can do to people:


3. Why rely on a waiter when you can turn yourself into a drinks holder:


4. This funny couple gave each other things they won’t be able to use:


5. Upside to being an amputee: genius halloween costume ideas


6. This is probably the cutest 3D-looking dolphin tattoo I’ve ever seen on a human body:


7. Popular Youtube John Sunquist never runs out of ideas during halloween:


8. Now we know where his thumb went:


9. People usually are scared that lego bricks will hurt their foot. This lady turned that fear over its head:


10. Aaaaarrgghh! I’m turning into a skeleton!


11. Execution on this amputee pirate costume: 10/10


12. Looks gory and real, but the cute shark toy ruins the moment:


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