11 Websites That Will Make You 100 Times Smarter


They say that the Internet is the great equalizer because it will provide everyone regardless of race, status or gender access to all kinds of information. Sadly, not everyone knows how to harness the Internet’s hive mind to make themselves more educated. Here are 11 websites that you can try out so that you’ll become 100 times smarter than you are right now!

1. Coursera
Coursera is probably the most well known online learning site, offering >400 courses taught by high-caliber professors from prestigious universities.

2. Khan Academy
Khan Academy hosts more than 3000 videos on various academic subjects, from the science of housekeeping to art history.

3. Open Education Consortium 
Open Education Consortium aims to bring a majority of college and university courses accessible for free online. There are more than 5,000 classes right now in English, and thousands more in other languages.

ALISON claims to a new world of free certified learning, which is not far from the truth. ALISON courses cover everything from SAT prepartions to safety courses.

5. MIT Open Courseware
Want to attend a prestigious school like the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, but don’t have the means to do it? MIT Open Courseware could give you that opportunity. You can take a lot of their courses for free and at your own pace.

6. Academic Earth
Academic Earth wants us to rethink education. It has garnered thousands of free courses from over 50 courses all over the world.

7. Open Learning Initiative
Not as prolific as the other sites mentioned, but Open Learning Initiative of the Carnegie Mellon University have detailed course offerings that are led by highly rated Instructors and Professors.

8. Open Culture
The courses on this website can be downloaded for free and covers everything from K-12 to university-level subjects.

9. Open Education Database
Open Education Database boasts of over 10,000 courses from many universities all the world over.

10. iTunes U
If you are an Apple user and constantly use your iPad or iPhone, iTunes U maybe right up your speed. It offers 500,000 different courses, from elementary to college level.

11. TED
TED Talks are always an interesting take on life, culture, politics and science. They aren’t necessarily formal education but they can transform the way you view the world.


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