11 Things You Can Do Every Day To Improve Your Life


“Life is a like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get,” goes the popular quote from Tom Hank’s classic movie, Forrest Gump. And to some extent it’s true: you never know what life throws towards your way. The sad part is you don’t have any control over those, sometimes. What you can do control, however, is your behavior and reaction towards the things that life hurls at you.

Here are 11 things you can change in your life so that you’ll be able to weather whatever problems life lobs towards you:


1. Every time you wake up, make it a habit to start the day with thanks.

It doesn’t matter your belief system, just make it a habit to orally state the people and things you’re thankful for. Not only will this make you a more positive person, it will make you physically feel good. Positive thoughts are known to contribute to the release of dopamine in your brain, the chemical that’s responsible for making you feel pleasure.


2. Do a quick but high-intensity workout everyday.

People think that exercise requires the dedication of many hours in a day. The reality is you only need 15-20 minutes of quick but high-intensity workouts that involve working various parts of your body. Research “HIIT” on Youtube for short routines that you can follow. Whether you’re looking to slim down or to bulk up, high intensity workouts are great for your health!


3. Meditation is key.

Some laugh off meditation as a “hokey” practice, but there is actually proof of its effectiveness. It doesn’t give you results if you don’t believe in it. Meditation is simply focusing yourself and clearing your mind off of things for a minute so that when you do get back to your work, your mind is better equipped to handle stress.


4. Cold showers are the best! Take them more often.

Especially if you live some place that’s really hot and humid, you never know how much the heat can change your personality and your temperament. Hot temperatures have been proven to make people more irritable. The solution? Cool yourself down with a cold shower every day! You can even take a cold shower twice a day if it’s simply that hot.


5. Mindfully watch what you’re eating.

Do you know why people get fat all of a sudden? It’s because they aren’t mindful of what they’re eating. As long as it’s on the platter, they consume everything, and then some. If you want to stay in relatively okay shape, mind what you eat and learn when to say that it’s enough. You also have to know the right kind of food to put into your mouth.


6. Take deep breaths often.

People are so busy sometimes that they forget to stop for a while and just deeply inhale and exhale. This action has been proven to calm your center and make you feel energized and rejuvenated. So take deep breaths, and take them often.


7. Try the “Eisenhower Box”

The “Eisenhower Box” is basically just a way to sort out your tasks into four, depending on priority. The first box is “urgent and important”, so do them first; they are priority. The second box, “important, but not urgent”, are things you need to do but you can schedule for later. The third box is “urgent but not important”, which are tasks you can give to someone else. Lastly, the “not urgent and not important” box refers to tasks you can eliminate. Categorizing your activities in this way makes your life more productive and organized.


8. Decide your three most important tasks for the day.

You know what, you don’t have to finish a lot of things in a day for you to consider it a successful one. You just have to figure out the top 3 most important tasks. If you can finish all of the three, then you can say that you’ve had a productive day.


9. Use the “Two-Minute Rule”

The two-minute rule is fairly simple: if something can be done in under two minutes, don’t delay and do it right away. Doing relatively simple things immediately will keep you on track with the harder stuff that you have to tackle during the day.


10. Stand up from time to time.

This may sound obvious to you, but a lot of people just sit down the entire day and don’t even bother to stand up every once in a while to keep their circulation healthy. Standing up once every hour could really help you reduce the risk of illnesses caused by a sedentary lifestyle.

11. Snap a picture everyday.

Life is short and at the end of it all you have to be proud of are the memories. Photos are the surefire way to save them, even if just for a while. So snap a picture everyday so that you won’t forget those important moments in your life.

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