11 Incredible Facts That Will Help You Become A Better Person

Here's why it is psychologically important to never tell anyone your life goals...


Human psychology is awesome. It unlocks our understanding of certain patterns of people’s behavior. It helps explain why people do the things they do, even if they’re not aware that they’re doing it.

Problem is, people don’t take psychology seriously. But there are some interesting tidbits of information and data that you should get from the thousands of research done on the human mind.. These 11 facts will really help inform your behavior in the future and will make you a better person. Read on to know more!

1. Sharing your long-term goals to everyone will actually make you feel a bit satisfied,

so you’ll lose the motivation and you’ll stop pursuing said goals!


2. Several studies have shown that when you spend money for others

instead of for yourself, you become happier!


3. Similarly, spending money to create experiences

rather than gain possessions is a larger factors to your happiness!


4. Today, kids are more high strung,

and that’s because people move more and there is generally less interaction between human beings… The world is becoming lonelier by the minute, so be kind.


5. Being religious and doing practices and rituals like prayers

is associated with lower levels of stress!



6. We need some money to live a happy life, but studies show that after earning more than $75,000 per year,

an increase in income does nothing to your happiness anymore.



7. If you have happy friends and a happy circle, you naturally become happier!



8. People between the ages of 18 and 33

are the most stressed in the world.



9. Thinking that you’ve slept well (even if you really didn’t)

still improves your performance during the day!



10. If you’re intelligent, you’re more likely to doubt yourself.

And if you’re dumb, you’re more likely to think you’re the smartest person ever! This is called the Dunning-Kruger effect.



11. Do you know a foreign language?

Studies show you make more rational decisions when you think of them in that foreign tongue!


H/T: unbelievable-facts.com

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