Beautiful 100-Year-Old Women Give Their Best Beauty Tips Ever!


If you have to take beauty tips, take it from someone who’s done it for over 100 years.

Allure, a media company focused on fashion and beauty, recently featured three centenarians who until this day look as dazzling and as beautiful as ever! Two of them were 101 years old, and the other was 104. So clearly among the three of them, they have tons of facial beauty experience!

In the video they impart some real-life beauty tips, too – like actual stuff that they have done repeatedly over the years that have kept their faces relatively young and smooth! These include simple but highly effective tips such as:

  • Using baby oil
  • Rubbing your face up instead of down
  • Using a wig for different occasions
  • Not tanning your face

Their techniques are not only valid, but have stood the test of time. Most make-up sessions usually last about 30 minutes – 104-year-old Helen shares tips in cutting down on makeup time as well.

If you’re really interested in keeping your face as young and as fresh as they are now for many, many years, you should totally watch this video and gain insight from the people that have actually done it. Listen to them for yourself below!

The Best Beauty Advice From Centenarians

These 100-year-olds give the BEST beauty advice:

Posted by Allure on Tuesday, March 7, 2017

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