10 Simple Optical Illusions With The Perfect Angle!


Nowadays,┬áit’s very hard to be impressed with anything you find on the Internet because they can be easily the photoshopped or edited. People still value authenticity and simplicity despite all the advances in modern technology. The same thing applies to optical illusions. It should be just a simple setup, a perfect angle, and the right moment. Very few people get that formula nowadays and that’s why we pay tribute to the 10 photos that utilize simple but breathtaking optical illusions!

1. This guy is cleverly “eating” his girlfriend


2. Want to grab the moon? With genius lighting and the perfect angle, you can!


3. Drinking from a waterfall fountain


4. This rock is way too high for this girl to be climbing


5. How to be a pretty mermaid: do a hand stand in front of a crescent moon


6. Oh no they’re falling! Falling in love!


7. This is the story of how a giant hand kidnapped four of my friends:


8. This stingray is actually flying and that girl is just laying on the beach…


9. Was this guy photoshopped in or not? I can’t really tell


10. This is not an optical illusion but it’s another perfectly timed photo so why not:



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