10 Photos That Will Convince You To Visit Norway


We all know that Norway is one of the best countries on Earth for humans to live in because of its economy, its culture and its government. But did you know it’s also one of the most beautiful places on the planet?


What’s not to love about it? They have a beautiful night sky and they get the occasional auroras that you’ll rarely see anywhere else!


When Microsoft sends their guys out to take photos for stock wallpapers, guess where they go? That’s right, Norway!


Everyone’s just sitting by the fire each night, enjoying the sight of auroras! This is their regular Tuesday!


And oh, we haven’t even started mentioning their beaches and how they look so picturesque!


Just look at this scene! Look at this scene. This town looks like it was made out of computer effects. But nope. This is a real town on a real place in Norway.


You also get the best sunrises there, too!


Man, if you’re planning to move away someplace, or if you want to go visit another country, make it Norway. I’m telling you!


It could be the most amazing country on Earth going by its sights and sounds.


Visit Norway if you can!


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