10 Photos Of Politicians From Their Early Years


Typically, we get introduced to politicians¬†when they’re at a certain age in life. They’ve accumulated experience, wrinkles, and have gone through most of life. Most of the time we never meet them when they were still young. That’s why these photos should intrigue you!

Here are 10 famous politicians and the less-known photos of their younger years:

1. Here’s Joseph Stalin in 1902:


2. President Clinton meeting President John F. Kennedy… Curious!


3. Queen Elizabeth, then a Princess during World War II:

4. Vladimir Putin as a young, scrappy and hungry teenager in 1966:


5. Young Barry-O! Barack Obama during his college years:


6. John Kennedy, aged 10:


7. President Nixon as a member of the Whittier Football Squad during college:


8. Can you guess who this is? That’s right, it’s President Trump:


9. Chancellor Angela Merkel at a camp:


10. Young Nelson Mandela reminds us of Cuba Gooding Jr.:



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