10 Incredible Trips You Can Do With Your Dog


Dogs are great companions. And you know what? They’re even better travelmates! They will go with you wherever, will never question where you’re going and will always be with you while you’re having the time of your life. If you’re planning a vacation trip somewhere, definitely bring your dog with you!

Here are some vacation ideas you can have with your dog! The possibilities for the different fun activities are endless:

1. Canoe with your dog over at Lake Tahoe!


2. Play with the sand at the Great Sand Dunes National Park!


3. Check out art in the Louvre (France)


4. Witness the Golden State Bridge in San Francisco!


5. Marvel at the great Leaning Tower of Pisa!


6. Overlooking the hillside at Mount Pleasent (Virginia, USA)


7. The Eiffel Tower is never the wrong destination! (France)


8. Ride a boat in the lakes of Banff National Park (Canada)!


9. Get a beautiful look of Barcelona from a distance (Spain)


10. Backpack and set up a tent in Malibu with your dog!


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