10 Colorized Versions of Black and White Photos That Will Stun You

You’d never think it was possible, but thanks to modern technology, people are able to approximate the colors of black-and-white photos and “colorize” them, so to speak. It’s becoming a trend now and it never fails to amaze, especially when you get to see photos with historic value.

1. Aubrey Hepburn being her gorgeous, petite self in 1950


2. This little boy playing with his futuristic ray gun


3. The kid in 1942 caught a glimpse of the camera while everyone else was too busy with the drinking fountain


4. This colorized version of Abraham Lincoln’s official portrait is amazing!


5. This is a picture of the real hero of Hacksaw Ridge after receiving the Medal of Honor from President Harry Truman in 1945!


6. Back when Kennedy was still President, future former President Clinton already had shaken hands with him


7. A classic look of the Grand Central Station in 1941

(Berenice Abbott, Avi A. Katz)

8. This looks oddly futuristic, but it’s actually an invention from 1931: a one-wheel motorcycle.


9. This 1911 firetruck is ready to cruise on a life-saving mission!


10. If this looks familiar, it’s because it is. It’s the real Time Square in 1943, colorized for your benefit!


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