10 Amazing Graffiti Art That Blends Perfectly With The Environment


Making graffiti is easy. Making artistic graffiti is hard. But making artistic graffiti that integrates the surroundings to make it mind-blowing?! Now that takes some sort of genius!

And apparently, we have a lot of genius graffiti artists doing exactly just that. Below are 10 awesome graffiti art installations that integrates the environment to create something even more impressive:

1. The tree stylized as the woman’s hair:


2. The artist saw the need to nourish the tree with lots of water:


3. There’s no such as “not enough space” to create art:


4. This beautiful woman’s got an adorable afro going for her!


5. Sometimes we need to tear down walls to see the world outside:


6. The owner of this giant hand wanted to give us this tree:


7. How do you emphasize the beauty and fragility of a flower at the same time? This way:


8. You see a shrub? I see a spinach bursting out of the can because Popeye opened it:


9. Nice afro, bro:


10. What a beautiful one-legged ostrich:


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