12 Animals With Incredibly Rare Color Patterns That Look Unreal


We are used to seeing certain animals in certain colors and skin patterns. When we see rats, we usually think: black. When we see frogs, it’s either green or brown. But because of the miracle of evolution (and also due to some certain genetic conditions), some animals develop the craziest skin patterns and have very different-colored skins! Here are 12 photos that will prove this point:

1. This chameleon is taking “camouflaging” way too casually:


2. And this snake is trying to look like the chameleon, I guess?


3. This python randomly decided to not put colors in some parts of his body:


4. While this peacock decided he looks fabulous in this black-and-white theme:


5. This dog has vitiligo, which while not a pleasant condition, still makes this dog look very badass:


6. Not all Zebras have fully defined stripes:


7. This is what you call a chimeric cat.. AKA the stuff of your nightmares:


8. This parrot is also chimeric, and also looks fabulous:


9. This lobster leads a double life…


10. You can easily spot this Jaguar in a line full of Jaguars… Just look at all those spots!(lifebuzz.com)

11. Ever thought you’ll never see a white raven in your life? Well you’re gonna see one now:


12. Killer whites usually have more black parts on them. This one is an exception:



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